About Us

Red Autumn Brewing Company was founded in 2003, first manufacturing private label vodka and beer and then moving into manufacturing and selling equipment and wholesale retail supplies to liquor stores, breweries and distilleries.

Today Red Autumn Brewing Company sells over 100 high quality products, including plastic, paper and gift bags, thermal paper, paper and plastic carriers, security system components, liquor and wine accessories and novelty items. One of our latest products includes Four20 Vodka, a hemp infused spirit.

Under RnR 6 Pack Rings, we also manufacture and distribute high quality, biodegradable six and eight pack rings and ringing machines for use in breweries and businesses which apply rings in high volumes. Our rings are universal fit for standard beer and soda cans and are made of strong, non-toxic recyclable material. They are also 100 percent biodegradable and once continuously exposed to outside elements will begin to break down and disintegrate.

Client feedback has been integral to making our business grow. By responding directly to your business needs, we are constantly improving on existing products and developing new ones.

We welcome your feedback and thank you for your continued support.